How to Keep Your Garage Business Safe and Secure

Garage business

The garage seems to be the place where big dreams are forged – after all, big brands like Apple, Google, or Amazon started in such a place.

However, due to the amazing development of the online world, the same business concept doesn’t work in our current times. The garage of the visionaries of the past has moved online.

And yet, the concept of garage business is still around. Only, this time, it’s more connected to what you’re supposed to find in a garage – cars. Modern garage businesses are repair auto shops where you can perform vehicle maintenance, repairs, and more.

If you own such a business or plan on opening one, you know you’ll be dealing with a lot of expensive equipment. Anything from car lifts to repair kits and tools requires a hefty investment (especially if you want quality).

So, besides the standard safety protocols, you need to have in place for workers and customers, you also need to think about the security of your business.

This can be a bit more difficult than with regular businesses since most customers need to drive their car inside the working space. Also, you can’t stop customers from coming in and checking on their car or possible customers visiting and asking questions.

So how do you keep your business secure when you can’t clearly separate the working space from the visitors’ area?Here are a few tips that may prove helpful:

Visible Outdoor Security Measures

Some say that burglars won’t break into a house where it’s clear there’s a dog or where security cameras are visible. On the same principle, businesses with clear security measures may be less targeted by thieves.

Of course, these security measures should be real (not just for show) and functional. For instance, it helps to have commercial door openers designed with protection systems and the possibility to check their status online. Some of these systems can be programmed to close at a specific time of the day and can raise the alarm if force is used to open them.

It also helps to have outdoor security cameras that monitor the door area. This way, when the door is open, you can keep track of who enters and who gets out (and with what).

Control Access Inside

This is done by either fencing the area or simply adding divider elements such as walls or panels. Still, in a garage, this is a bit more difficult to do which is why you may be better with a card reader system installed in the equipment area.

Plus the customers don’t need to be near the car when they check in on the status. So, it’s best to have a separate reception area where you can discuss all the details and put together the required documentation. This way, your employees can do their job in peace and there’s no risk of injury for customers roaming around.

Secure your Valuables

Most heavy-duty equipment in a garage is bolted to the floor to ensure stability and reduce the risk of accidents. However, there are still lots of tools lying around, car parts, and even the cars themselves.

While you can’t put the vehicle in a secured locker, you can do so with the tools. Implement a system that keeps track of all the tools and their location in the shop. Also, train your employees to put everything back in the locker and secure it when work is done.

It’s also important to have an advanced security system with sensors and cameras that monitor what’s happening inside during closing hours.

Wrap Up

Physical security should be a major point of concern for garage business owners, but you shouldn’t forget about your business’s cybersecurity either. Besides vehicles, your business also stores valuable data from customers and partners and these are usually targeted by cybercriminals.

Overall, every business that works with customers must build a multi-layered security system that starts from the outside and continues on the inside.

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