Ghacks Deals: The Jumbo 2022 Javascript Bundle

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages; if you want to get started with the language or finetune your skills, you may find the Jumbo 2022 JavaScript Bundle perfectly suited for those purposes.

The bundle consists of seven eLearning courses, that include beginner courses but also courses on advanced topics such as asynchronous JavaScript or mastering arrays.

Here is the full list of what is included:

  1. Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive
    In-Depth Training on Callbacks, Promises, Async Wait, Generators, & More
  2. Ultimate Beginner’s Course on Learning JavaScript from Scratch
    Modern JavaScript Programming Fundamentals with Practical Hands-On Training
  3. Full JavaScript Masterclass Course
    Basics of JavaScript Programming, Semantics of General Programming, & The Format of Coding Applications
  4. JavaScript Core Fundamentals
    Use Java Basics & Apply Them in Building, Coding, and Creating Dynamic & Interactive Web Apps
  5. Advanced JavaScript Topics
    Learn the Nuances & Important Patterns That Advanced JavaScript Developers Know and Use
  6. Create a To-Do List Using JavaScript
    Use HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Together, As Well As Extremely Effective Vanilla JavaScript Techniques
  7. Mastering JavaScript Arrays
    Accelerate Your JavaScript Skills by Mastering this Very Important Data Structure

The bundle is available for $39 at the time of writing on Ghacks Deals. Access is set to lifetime.

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