Japan’s millennium parade to Release ‘Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045’ Themes in May

Japanese band millennium parade shared the new visuals for its new single called “Secret Ceremony / No Time to Cast Anchor,” due June 1.

These two tracks are featured as the opening and ending themes of Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Season 2 — the latest in the globally popular Japanese sci-fi action anime franchise Ghost in the Shell — set for exclusive release on Netflix starting May 23.

The theme of the visuals unveiled today is “Equilibrium and Vertigo,” and the simple yet edgy design depicts a young boy floating in the midst of an eternally spiraling staircase covering the entire wall of the space. The art direction is by Cota Mori, a member of millennium parade and the creative team PERIMETRON.

The definitive limited-edition CD will come in a special case called “STEALTH MOTOKO EDITION,” inspired by the signature optical camouflage in Ghost in the Shell. The Blu-ray disc in the definitive edition and the limited edition includes live footage from millennium parade’s performance in Splendour XR, the world’s first immersive digital music festival from Australia.

Both tracks will also be made available in digital form in May. “Secret Ceremony” will be released on May 20 ahead of the anime series’ global release on Netflix, and “No Time to Cast Anchor” will arrive May 27.


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