Dwayne Johnson Will Help Produce And Potentially Star In The Upcoming ‘It Takes Two’ Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest stars in the world. While he’s best known for his involvement in action movies, he also has a growing resume in the video game industry. He’s been in two video game movies of varying quality, he’s a skin in Fortnite, and there’s a strong chance he did some voice work in Fortnite, as well.

With an upcoming movie being made about the hit game It Takes Two, we’re now going to be seeing him take on a behind-the-scenes role, but there’s still a possibility of him making an appearance on screen. According to Variety, Johnson will be an executive producer on the upcoming movie and there’s a possibility of him starring in it.

Variety reported in January that the game was being adapted for the screen. As previously reported, dj2 Entertainment will produce the film, with Seven Bucks Productions now boarding the project along with Amazon Studios. Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia will produce on behalf of Seven Bucks. According to sources, Dwayne could also star in the film, but nothing is official as of now.

Johnson has previously stated that he is going to be starring in a “badass” upcoming video game movie, but it’s unclear if he meant It Takes Two. It’s really exciting to see Johnson and other big stars embracing video game movies — with recent releases like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Uncharted, we’re seeing more games get adapted into movies.


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