10 Cool New Pop Songs to Get You Through The Week: 100 Gecs, The Interrupters, Girlhouse and More

Looking for some motivation to help power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like 100 Gecs, The Interrupters, Girlhouse and Oakman will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists — or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

The Interrupters, “In The Mirror”

A song like “In The Mirror” is likely to draw comparisons between The Interrupters and No Doubt thanks to its combination of Aimee Allen’s slippery pop hooks and the band’s third-wave ska embrace, but the reflection on self-destructive tendencies feels both singular and lived-in, its lyrical power creeping up on the listener and potentially providing an even bigger breakthrough for the veteran group. – Jason Lipshutz  

Phoebe AXA, “Panic”

Phoebe AXA (stylized as Phoebe ∆X∆) is a self-taught, self-produced singer-songwriter out of East London whose technical skill soars on a song like “Panic,” a savory bit of pop-rock that stomps, squeals and glides in equal measures. The best part of “Panic”? Listening back to its multiple movements and uncovering delicious new details upon each play. – J. Lipshutz

Oakman, “Night”

French trio Oakman’s latest single can be classified as a carpe diem bop, as “Night” implores its audience to enjoy the thrill ride of a fleeting moment because tomorrow isn’t promised. The music video captures the song’s sense of giddiness — karaoke! Fireworks! Mid-show choreography! — and will likely cause you to save “Night” onto a playlist ripe for a warm summer night. – J. Lipshutz

Lyn Lapid, “Pager”

“If you got a problem with me / I can hear about it later, you can send it to my pager,” Lyn Lapid shrugs on the chorus of “Pager,” an ode to a long-forgotten piece of technology that’s actually about leaving unjustified doubt and criticism as an unopened message. Lapid, who released her new EP The Outsider last week, runs with the concept and scores. – J. Lipshutz

Sparklet, “Divinely”

Cape Town native Sparklet created his upcoming debut project in his hometown, South Africa, Berlin and Dublin; that’s a globe-trotting origin story, but “Divinely” sounds impressively intimate, with the singer-songwriter’s falsetto skating over the twists and turns of bubbled-up beats and corkscrewing guitar riffs. The result is a song so gentle it should last longer than three minutes. – J. Lipshutz

100 Gecs, “Doritos & Fritos”

Despite getting their 2022 Coachella set cut early during the festival’s opening weekend, 100 gecs — the duo consisting of Laura Les and Dylan Brady — had a win earlier in the week with the release of their newest single, “Doritos & Fritos.” Continuing with their genre-blending style, the musicians manage to infuse elements of pop-punk, techno and ska for the instrumental while singing lines that read like a hilarious stream of consciousness. – Starr Bowenbank

MØ, Rebecca Black, “New Moon”

MØ’s Motordrome era is still going strong: after releasing the final album’s single, “New Moon,” in late January, the Danish singer-songwriter returned two months later to provide a fresh spin on the track with the help of Rebecca Black, viral pop sensation turned hyperpop powerhouse. Black adds a smoldering verse to the track, relishing in the jealousy of her former lover has at the sight of her thriving with someone new. – S. Bowenbank

Alfie Templeman, “Colour Me Blue”

If you’re feeling blue, “Colour Me Blue” from English singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman is a surefire pick-me-up. With jangling guitars, a syncopated beat and a winning rapid-fire vocal hook, “Blue” is three minutes of distilled indie-pop sunshine from the 19-year-old talent, whose debut album Mellow Moon drops May 27. – Joe Lynch

Kill Jasper, “Better4U”

Compton-born rapper Kill Jasper dips into his meditative side on “Better4U,” a melancholy confession where he admits he knows “there’s somebody out there way better for you” for his partner over a vibe-y acoustic guitar and soulful vocal sample in the background of this two-minute mood piece. – J. Lynch

Girlhouse, “Cool Guy”

Lauren Luiz’s bedroom pop project girlhouse sends a winking shout-out to a “Cool Guy” on this laid-back slice of slacker rock that brings to mind early Liz Phair with its lo-fi sound and her sly turns of phrase. “If it makes you happy to be the greatest Gatsby, by all means pour a drink,” she says drolly, later adding, “You’re not a tastemaker but I want your flavor.” – J. Lynch


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