knows the best and easy way to write copies that sells?

knows the best and easy way to write copies that sells?

Ad copies are not easy to write. In fact the effort you put into writing contents for the purpose of selling or generating leads does not return enough matching results. What do you do? In this article you will discover the best and easy way to write copies that sells.

What is copywriting?

Ok let’s say you want to sell your products listed on your e-commerce store. Or you simply need to sell affiliate products, how do you get customers to buy from you?

First of all you know that your story is what sells your products and services. If your customers and intending customers are not convinced then there will be no sales. So you must write a compelling story.

The question now is, how do you go about writing a good story that is compelling enough to make a reader click your buy now button?

Here are the 10 quick and best ways to write the best compelling ad copy

Step 1: Be a good time observer

What do you know about the time and season? Do you think people needs what you are selling at the moment?

If you are selling gift items in March, you may end up wasting much time and having little sales. If you want to convince people to buy your products and services you need to consider the time and season.

Step 2: Check out how people are promoting too

You don’t want to have no idea of what your competitors are doing. Always checkout what they post and compare what you post.

Your story may not be similar but try and make sure you are doing well in terms of writing what matters. If your competitors are selling better than you, you may consider copying their strategies.

Step 3: Do research before writing

If you want to add value to your audience you must write something that will help them.

The only way to do this is to do a Google search and find out what information is already available and think of a better solution. Simply try and be innovative.

The better value you add to your audience, the better part of their trust you get. If you get much trust, you get much sales.

Step 4: Make sure to avoid corporate communication

When you are telling stories to get sales try and be as conversational, simple and polite as possible.

Words said in the office should be avoided so that your audience can understand, relate with your message and take necessary action immediately. Official words are not meant for marketing, keep office conversations for the office.

Step 5: Use simple, good and polite individual English

Do you try to get the message directly to the person or to the people? Comment below. Your message should be meant for individuals and not group of people.

Use “You”, “your” and other words that makes the message personal for the readers. That way they can take individual actions.

Step 6: Write as you talk

When you want to tell a story to sell anything, just do well to write as you talk. Spoken words are more powerful and straight to the point unless if you don’t know how to talk. If you do, please write as you speak because that will help you deliver your message successfully.

The only way you can transform your written words to powerful message is to embed the power of spoken words into it.

To be able to achieve this, you may consider talking and recording your message with a sound recorder before you listen to it and transcribe it to text. That will enable you capture the elements you might leave out as you write.

Step 7: Use active words

Your sales message is written with the goal of persuading the reader to take actions. They are not inclined naturally to do anything unless they are being told to do so convincingly.

To convince your audience to take action, your message should and must be comprised of action words.

The terms and tense you make use of should be active and should not be purged of the future tense. Your words should have everything to do with now and the future.

Results and actions don’t happen by themselves. People act, and results occur. “Protect your family and valuables from burglars with an ON-GUARD alarm” is much more powerful than “Loss of valuables, and injury or loss of life, are averted with an ON-GUARD burglar alarm.”

Step 8: Always use thought connectors in your story

Keep your readers informed, engaged and convinced by guiding them seamlessly from one idea to the next. Use natural transitions, like these:

  • What’s more …
  • In addition …
  • Better yet …
  • Equally important …
  • Remember …
  • Plus …
  • You can also …
  • More? …
  • First …
  • Lastly …

Step 9: Use words that push the readers to do something

Don’t leave one action to chance – tell prospects and customers exactly what you want them to do —- each and every step.

  • Fill out the [form], put it in the postage-paid envelope and drop it into the nearest mailbox.
  • Call toll-free 800-123-4567 today!
  • Complete the order form, especially the mandatory items in red, then just click SEND at the bottom of the page.

Step 10: Conclude with the opening theme

Conclude your ad, sales letter and brochure by bringing your message back to the theme or idea that you used to open it. This gives readers a sense of completion, and wraps the various elements of your sales message into a nice, neat, complete package.


If you want to sell your products and services you need a good story. This article contains the best 10 advice you need on how to write stories compelling enough to make your audience buy. Do well to follow these simple rules:

  1. Be a good observer
  2. Check out how people are promoting too
  3. Do research before writing
  4. Make sure to avoid corporate communication
  5. Use simple, good and polite individual English
  6. Write as you talk
  7. Use active words
  8. Always use thought connectors in your story
  9. Use words that push the readers to do something
  10. Conclude with the opening theme

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